Making the web accessible

A Master's project about web content accessibility

Josefa Rackl
Alexandra Rein
Valentin Rogg
Sahar Jafarian

University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
Interactive Media M.A, Web Systems

The ability to take new perspectives enables creators to build diverse opportunities for participation.

Although accessible design is becoming more and more important in business, web platform creators often don't know where to begin. While there are official guidelines, most creatives aren't mindful about integrating them into their process or do not know how to implement them.

This can be traced back to the lacking awareness of the topic in general and to the flood of information which can quickly overwhelm designers, editors and developers.

Perspectives aims to emphasize the relevance of digital accessibility and visualizes its realizability. It’s a comprehensive introduction to accessible design and development practices based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and IBM Accessibility.

By giving the users an overview of all guidelines, the information platform should convey the WCAG in a more clear and visual kind of way and thereby, take the creator’s fears of too much complexity. In inspiring and guiding users to create accessible experiences, PERSPECTIVES seeks to help creators evolve into accessible design practitioners.